Founder's Message

From founder's pen…

My this message is for all the parents & teachers who are aware of their ward's education and also worried about today's educational scenario. Education is not just confined to academics or curriculum, actually it's holding a vast meaning in itself, which touches every aspect of our lives. And it’s not confined to schools as well. Learning is a natural process which get developed spontaneously in a child, so both parents & teacher hold a big responsibility to shape the whole life of a child, not merely her career. Either in teaching or in parenting, necessary lessons are must to learn before handling a child. Modern educational resources & extensive use of technology in early education is like giving crutches to a physically fit child and depriving her to utilize her great natural efficiency. Sanskar Deeksha is committed to transform the miserable lives of our little ones, we at least expect from you too to bring some positive changes in lives of your own children and students. Every child owns tremendous capabilities and abilities, even hundred times more than your expectations. You just need to find the pass key of this super brain to explore and bring out these capabilities. We train and guide you how to know about your child's skills & talent.

I proudly say that Sanskar Deeksha is a ray of hope in today's misleading educational environment. According to the renowned educationist Maria Montessori “One test of correctness of educational procedure is the happiness of the child”. The same we are doing at all the institutions which are associated with Sanskar Deeksha. Here we support natural phenomenon of learning rather than to interrupt it. To be the best doesn't require any expensive or rare resource, the only thing it requires is “A Big Zeal” to be the best. If you have the zeal then we have the world's best techniques & trainings to make you the best. I invite institutions, teachers and parents, let's jointly indulge our core efforts to bring some most necessary changes in the current education system and let blossom our coming generations.

I am used to say: “If you get transformed then certainly your child is going to attain the great capability to transform the society.”