About Us

Sanskar Deeksha is consisted of psychologists, educationists, educators and motivators. From last more than one decade, team Sanskar Deeksha is indulging its core efforts into the field of educational research and child psychology. We are replacing the flaws of current education system with our self-developed and analyzed teaching & learning pattern. We train parents as well as teachers not just for the child's academic excellence, but also for various crucial exams of a child's life. We teach parents and teachers to create a fear free, pleasing and motivating environment for learning and living. Stress and fear are big hinders for our ability and expertise, in such kind of environment, we even lose what we already have. So, how could we expect from our children to learn new things under such stress and fear. Sanskar Deeksha has a remarkable hold over the applied pedagogy. Our pattern (Techniques, Training, Contents, Teaching and Learning Material) is a wonderful blend of our researches & analysis work along with great extracts from various education systems round the globe.

Sanskar Deeksha strongly disapproves the term “Weak Child” just on the behalf of a grade card. In fact, it's the weakness of both parents & teachers who are incapable to judge the child's skills, aptitude and learning style. Every child has some innate talent, no one can set down a child incapable/weak just because of less score in few subjects. Sanskar Deeksha provides all kind of expert solutions related to child development, education and parenting. All the institutions running under Sanskar Deeksha's guidance are enjoying the adaptable environment and writing the new definition of education. In this all new environment, children joyfully develop their cognitive skills and head towards a successful life along with a bright career.